Meet Robotester

Test automatically your Unity3D games for iOS & Android on real devices.

Build quality mobile games quickly and with confidence.



Robotester is able to work 24x7 and can replace 4 live testers. It doesn’t feel boredom, irritation or fatigue. It doesn't need time to sleep or eat. It is always concentrated and watchful.



Test your games on both - emulators and real devices. Interact as users do. Perform tap, swipe, enter text. Press physical buttons. Test how the game works after reinstallation or restart. You can install, delete, launch or close the app right from the test code



You don’t have to change code of your game or create special scenes to test.

For every found  error you’ll get full device logs, screenshots and videos, which will help you find and fix bug in code.

How does it work?

1. Download & import Robotester plugin into your Unity3D project
Interact as users do


  • Perform tap, double-tap, swipe, rotate, pan, long press, and pinch.

  • Build custom gestures programmatically for advanced interactions.

  • Press hardware buttons.

  • Query UI elements, game objects and components.

  • Call any method of any object in the game that is running on your device right from the test code. For instance, you can unlock any level of the game, skipping the hours of gameplay and saving a lot of time.

Use tools you know and love


  • Our framework is based on well-known NUnit.

  • Use Mono Develop and Visual Studio for C# tests.

  • Share code for cross-platform tests between iOS and Android.

  • Integrates with TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, or any CI systems with custom post-build commands.

Start automate your game now