Robotester for Android

What is Robotester and what it allows you to do?

Robotester is an automated testing tool for Unity-based games. It is designed to test a program as a whole on a real mobile phone or tablet.  

Usually while testing a game, testers go through a sequence of steps (testing scenarios) to make sure the program works the way it is supposed to. Robotester allows you to write these steps as C# code, so you may run them as many times as you want on any device, putting you out of manual routine.

The process of testing with Robotester is the following:

  1. Tester writes tests, that are similar to unit tests.

  2. Connects the Android device to their PC or Mac using USB cable.

  3. Runs tests in Unity Editor.

Robotester executes test in Unity Editor, sending commands to the attached device.

Robotester allows you to:

  • Collect logs, make screenshots and capture videos from devices,

  • Test how the game works after reinstallation or restart. You can install, delete, launch or close the app right from the test code,

  • Emulate the actions of a real player - taps, swipes, entering text and pressing the hardware buttons.

  • Test multiplayer, by connecting two devices to a computer, which allows you to take actions on both devices from a single test.

  • Call any method of any object in the game that is running on your device right from the test code. For instance, you can unlock any level of the game, skipping the hours of gameplay and saving a lot of time.


With Robotester you don’t have to mess up with the game source code.  All you need is to import the plugin into the game and initialize it as the app launches.


Robotester is based on NUnit. However it is not designed for unit testing and is not suited for test driven development, because you create and run tests on real devices at the speed, compared to the speed of a human. To test individual units of code and game objects use Unity Test Tools. Robotester is a good supplement to the traditional unit testing and does well in case you need to run tests on continuous integration server after making a nightly build.

System requirements
  • PC or Mac with installed Android SDK

  • Device with Android version 4.0 or higher

  • Unity version 5.1 or higher

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